Mustafa Caglak has been curating vintage rugs since his youth in the nation of Turkey, and extended his aptitude for the woven world with over thirty years of business experience in the rug and textile industry.

His vast collection is comprised of vintage and antique Turkish and Persian rugs that have been expertly sourced from small villages and primary owners. Mustafa takes great pride in every curated piece, and hopes to make the tangible beauty and tradition of vintage rugs accessible to all.


Liz Sickinger’s driving passion for entrepreneurship and design led her to the vintage textile industry, where she found her calling connecting people to handmade pieces of heirloom art.

By curating her personal and professional vintage rug collections through Six Vintage Rugs, she developed a keen appreciation and curiosity for the heritage, history and symbolism of traditional rug weaving. This fervent curiosity later guided her to Istanbul where she met with Mustafa and experienced an immediate, inherent connection over their shared values for preserving the past and building lasting relationships with their clientele.

Together, Liz and Mustafa aspire to showcase and safeguard the ancient art of traditional rug making by offering a carefully curated collection across borders.